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Intel is the reigning king of the processor market, with countless different models of all different values circulating. From the E3 to the E7 on the Xeon line, and the i3 to the i7 on the core line, it can be difficult to know what your intel processors are worth. Not to worry, we’ve helped enterprises of all shapes and sizes sell their intel processors for a fair price and recover the most value back.

  Sell AMD Processors

AMD only retains about 20% of processor market share. Their more prominent processors are the opteron and the ryzen, though there is little reason to choose them over their intel counterparts. however, AMD’s newest line of server processors, Epyc, could throw a real monkey wrench into the server CPU market against Intel. The secondary market has more demand for intel cpus than AMD, but it is no more difficult for us to sell AMD processors than sell intel processors.

  • Sell AMD opteron processors
    • AMD Opteron 4386
    • OS4386WLU8KHK
    • AMD Opteron 4284
    • OS4284WLU8KGU
  • Sell AMD Ryzen Processors
  • Sell AMD Threadripper processors!

Trust 26 Years of Experience in the IT Industry

With over 26 years of industry experience, you can trust us to get you a fair price when you need to sell used processors. We’ve worked with various government IT and fortune 500 companies for years.

We have returned value on a wide range of equipment including HP, Supermicro, IBM, and Dell poweredge servers, storage and networking equipment, memory, processors, hard drives, solid state drives, SFPs, HBA cards…

Whether you have brand new servers in the box or you need to sell damaged processors that have been used for two years, our ITAD process will get you back nearly as much as wholesale value, guaranteed.

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