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    sell EMC VMAX systems

EMC VMAX equipment is extremely valuable even used, though as with any newer hardware line, will still depreciate faster than older equipment. As VMAX equipment can range from 24 drives to 1550 drives and four engines, so too is the value of your VMAX system is heavily dependant upon the storage density of your individual system and which model it is. (20K vs 40K for example.)

  • Sell EMC VMAX Systems of all Sizes
  • Sell EMC VMAX 250F
  • Sell EMC VMAX 450F
  • Sell EMC VMAX 850F
  • Sell Solid State drives and hard disk drives
    sell EMC XtremIO systems

The EMC XtremIO is based on the “X-bricks”. X-bricks are dual controller and disk shelves, which, combined with UPS support, are marketed as a highly available unit. To scale out, multiple X-bricks are then added, though the current maximum is only 8. Unfortunately this system requires a uniform configration, and as the x-bricks’ individually can’t have their capacity upgrade, the very similar, more flexible VMAX systems will likely push XtremIO value down.

  • Sell EMC XtremIO Systems of all sizes
  • Sell EMC XtremIO X2 Systems
  • Sell EMC XtremIO Used and New
    sell EMC XtremIO systems

    There is significant variation in value between the different VNX Series lines, with VNXe being on the lower end, and the VNX2 all flash arrays on the higher end. Regardless of which line the VNX system is from, the value of the system is mostly determined by the number and value of the drives within the disk array enclosure. The more flash storage, the more valuable as a trend.

  • Sell VNX – 5100, VNX 5300, VNX 5500, VNX 5700, VNX 7500
  • Sell EMC VNX2- VNX 5200, VNX 5400, VNX 5600, VNX 5800, VNX 7600, VNX 8000
  • Sell EMC VNXe- VNXe 3100, VNXe 3150, VNXe 3200, VNX 3300
    sell EMC XtremIO systems

    EMC Isilon
    EMC Isilon equipment systems have a massive potential storage, with up to 50 petabytes of potential storage per cluster. With so much variance, your system may be worth significantly more depending on the quantity of drives housed in your EMC isilon system.

  • Sell EMC Isilon S-Series – Isilon S200, S210
  • Sell EMC Isilon X Series – Isilon X200, X400, X410
  • Sell EMC Isilon NL-Series – Isilon NL400
  • Sell EMC Isilon HD-Series – Isilon HD400

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