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Dell EMC
After Dell’s acquisition of EMC, the combo is assuredly the dominant entity in the storage market by far. EMC products include multiple product lines of hybrid and all flash storage arrays. Revenue from all flash arrays grew by 90% year over year from 2015 to 2016, moving hybrid flash arrays slowly into obsolescence. Despite this, they will still retain value on the secondary market for some time, especially those hybrid arrays with higher concentrations of flash storage.

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NetApp remains on the cutting edge of the enterprise storage market, with TLC compatible All-Flash arrays showing that NetApp can stay ahead of the curve even better than Dell EMC in some areas. Most of the newer NetApp lines boast 99.9% availability and great capability for expansion. Any arrays which have been stuffed dense with drives, especially all flash arrays, will have significant resale value, even if the chassis/controller become worthless over time.

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With over 26 years of industry experience, you can trust us to get you a fair price when you need to sell used storage arrays. We’ve worked with various government IT and fortune 500 companies for years.

We have returned value on a wide range of equipment including HP, Supermicro, IBM, and Dell poweredge servers, storage and networking equipment, memory, processors, hard drives, solid state drives, SFPs, HBA cards…

Whether you have a brand new SAN in the box or you need to sell damaged processors that have been used for two years, our ITAD process will get you back nearly as much as wholesale value, guaranteed.

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