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Data Center Services

IT Asset Repair

  • Bulk enterprise IT components repairs
  • Repair memory, SSDs, and CPUs
  • Remarket your used, repaired assets for big profits

R2 Certified Protection

  • 100% green in all electronic disposals
  • Protect your brand
  • Certified recycling, erasure, and business processes

Our IT Asset Disposition Process

Getting rid of your old IT Equipment can be a challenge. With 26 years of experience in the IT Asset Disposition industry, Exit Technologies understands how to make the process simple for you while protecting your bottom line and maximizing your profit.

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What We Do

IT Asset Recovery

Get a quote in one business day for servers, storage, networking, processors, memory, or hard drives. We buy, ship, and pay.

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Certified Data Erasure

Is your data really gone? We are R2 certified to handle the full wipe process, secure shipping, storage, erasure, and serialized reporting.

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Data Center Decommissioning

White glove, remote hands pickup of uneeded equipment, transit, refurbishing, and resale. We’ll clear your data center floor and give you a check. Consulting services help you value your hardware and manage the project from start to finish.

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Electronic Recycling

Recycle non-viable equipment along with selling the valuable. Don’t get stuck with the junk when you sell the good stuff. R2 certified to protect your brand. We responsibly recycle or dispose of uneeded IT according to industry standard practices.

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What Our Customers Say:

Exit simplified my decom, took stress away and changed the way I approach our quarterly decommissions by knowing our product and them centralizing everything we need!

-Daniel, Assistant Manager - Electronics Company

Why Us?

We are a family-owned IT Asset Recovery company dedicated to converting your uneeded IT Assets back into working capital - for you! From receiving to operations, accounting to sales, all the way to our owners, we’re a close-knit team that believes you should receive the maximum value for your equipment. Let us do the heavy lifting. Contact us today and one of our can-do representatives can walk you through every step and help customize your plan for all of your ITAD needs!

Trust your IT to the best. Trust Exit, get a quote today!

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