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Why You Should Choose Exit When You Need to Sell Netapp Systems!

Exit Technologies is an industry leader in NetApp remarketing and resale.

Not only that, but instead of charging you for drive erasure, on site pickup, etc… We just pay you for your product and take care of everything else. Not the standard “nickel and dime” payment, but a fair price.

You don’t have to worry about shipping insurance, recycling non-viable parts, wiping your drives, and even the decommission itself. If you’ve got too much equipment to handle, we’ll do it all for you. Just get paid for your equipment and get back to what you were doing with a check in hand.

Trust 26 Years of Experience in the IT Industry

With over 26 years of industry experience, you can trust us to get you a fair price when you need to sell NetApp to us. We’ve worked with multiple government agencies and fortune 500 companies for years.

We have returned value on a wide range of equipment including HP, Supermicro, IBM, and Dell poweredge servers, storage and networking equipment, memory, processors, hard drives, solid state drives, SFPs, HBA cards…

Whether you have brand new servers in the box or you need to sell damaged processors that have been used for two years, our ITAD process will get you back nearly as much as wholesale value, guaranteed.

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